Scouty Peach Canvas Jacket

190,000 380,000

 The sun is barely rising, and you’re already on your way to the beach. A parka would be too heavy for this beautiful morning; a shirt would be too light. What could be more convenient than a garment that falls exactly in-between? This season, the Humblezing Scouty Jacket gets a new embroidery badge but still keeps its laidback shape and feel. For the traveler in all of us, this jacket is lightweight to pack when it isn’t needed, but can be thrown over whatever you are wearing when the weather changes on you. 

Embroidery badge is the new added things in this jacket, with their urban comfort from the material and unlining feature, whilst the embroidery badge will create the traveling experience for the wearer and improve the boldness of their identity.

Fabric : Prewashed Canvas
Lining : Unlining (Single Layer)
Pockets : Two Flap Pockets with Side Space
Closure : Zipper Closure
Hood : Regular Hood with Fastening
Badge : Broken White Laken Badge (Travel)
Field Level : Lightweight (Suitable for Summer Seasons)

Sizing in cm
SIZE S : Lenght 67, Chest 50
SIZE M : Lenght 69, Chest 52
SIZE L : Lenght 70, Chest 56
SIZE XL: Lenght 73, Chest 58


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