Portable Smokebox Incense Chamber

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Eco awakening are resonating in people’s lives; more people are becoming increasingly conscious & sensitive to environmental impacts of the things they buy. With the rise of demands for friendlier goods, niche manufacturers are paving way to offer sustainable products with a modern, more playful style. Craftsmanship is at play; extreme requirements are needed to produce certain shapes and dimensions, while maintaining the proportion of recycled materials used. 

There are many ways to utilise recycled plastics and one of them is to create home products. With Adieu Living, we made a portable incense chamber for the great outdoors, complete with its sleek & bold aesthetics. The recycled plastics create an engineered stand to secure your favourite Adieu fragrances as they burn.

Portable Smokebox incense holder is made of 100% recycled HDPE plastic.


Incense chamber are available for pre-order in limited quantity.

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